Redwood Forest Cavaliers
Humboldt County - Northern Coastal California
Our Dogs
Maestro Puccini  was born November 24, 2006. He is very laid back and easygoing.  He loves to go on long walks.

Melody Fair  is our first tri-color girl.  She was born May 7, 2007. She is very happy-go-lucky and bounces like a bunny when she runs.

Penny Lane  is our ruby girl.  She was born March 2, 2009.  She has a beautiful deep red coat - like a miniature Irish Setter.  She is very playful and rambunctious.

Puccini's Diva  is a beautiful Tri-color.  She was born May 31, 2010.  She is from our own Melody Fair's first litter.  Maestro Puccini is her father.  She is very active for a Cavalier - always the first out the door and always on alert for birds in the yard.