About Us


Redwood Forest Cavaliers is located  on the  North Coast of California.  When you're driving up Highway 101  from the  Bay area, once you hit Humboldt County, you see nothing but  giant  redwoods for miles and miles.  I always say, “We have more trees  than  people!” 

We adopted our first Cavalier a couple of years  after our dog, Precious died.  A tiny terrier/poodle pup we adopted from  the local shelter, Precious  lived with us for 14 years.  My husband and  I decided we would not get  another dog, but eventually we realized our  “empty nest” was a bit  lonely.  


 I began researching the breeds to see  if “the  perfect dog” for us existed.  We wanted a small dog that was  smart and  didn’t require a great deal of exercise.  I also looked at how  much  they shed, bark and how aggressive they are.   Since we planned to  take  the dog to work with us (we own the company), it would need to be   “people-friendly”.  And, finally, we needed to be assured that the dog   would be good with children. (Note: We now have three grandsons:   Leopold, born in 2009, Maxwell 2011, and Theodric 2013!)

Cavalier  King Charles Spaniel was  the breed we chose. I found a reputable  breeder who had two female  litter-mates.  He considered both to have  show potential.  Before we  had chosen which of the pups we wanted, the  breeder had to move back  East, and made us an offer to take both girls.   We accepted, and oh,  what a wonderful decision we made!  I have heard  from many folks that  Cavaliers are like potato chips: “You can’t have  just one!”  My degree  is in music and I studied and sang opera, so we  named them Bella Donna (Italian for beautiful lady) and Bianca Donna  (white lady). 


Over time, we watched them mature  into  wonderful examples of the breed and decided to show them.  We  attended  dog shows sponsored by the American Kennel Club (AKC.org) and  the  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club (CKCSC.org).  After reading many   books, attending dog shows, Cavalier shows, consulting with other   breeders and our vet, we decided to become breeders of these wonderful,   little dogs. Sadly, Bianca died of Cushing's Disease on February 18,  2018  at the age of 12.

We strive to breed intelligent,  beautiful and  happy Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, paying particular  attention to  temperament, health, and size. 

Cavaliers, a very loving and   affectionate breed, have unique personalities.   They are treated with   love as members of our family.  We keep our numbers small in order to   give them the individual attention they deserve.  

Our puppies are raised in our home, watch TV with us and several sleep in our bed!